I try my best to work with my clients in a way that is agreeable to both parties. Because of this I am willing to offer some terms, board at a reasonable fee until your horse is paid for. I am also willing to offer package and cash deals.

My colts are all sold on gelding contracts.  Price listed is gelding price.  If you are interested in purchasing one of my colts as a stallion prospect, please email me or call me to discuss.  Not all colts will be available with the option of keeping intact either. 

Additional photos, information and even videos are readily available, so feel free to inquire! 
Terms of Sale(s) 

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold horses. NO HOLDS WITHOUT A DEPOSIT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE under ANY circumstance. No cash refunds if buyer backs out for any reason. 

Price of Coggins and International Health Certificate is NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE for US buyers unless otherwise listed.

Prices are in Canadian funds unless otherwise listed.

Prices are subject to change without notice, and horses may be removed from sales list at any time.  

All horses are sold as is.  Buyers can have a pre-purchase exam done at their expense.  

Signed contracts required for those doing payment plans. Horses cannot leave until paid in full. No exceptions.

Some cash offers considered, and package deals available, so please feel free to inquire. 

Adele @ ​(403)393-2310
2009 AMHA/AMHR Sorrel Tobiano Stallion  - $1500
     - eeaa TT
              Flying W Farms Magic Man
      Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man
              Starhavens a Little Blue Nun
JSW Magic on Fire
              Little Kings LF Buckeroo Zorro
      JSW Zorros Van Lear Rose
              Vermilyea Farms Stylish Expose
​2002 AMHA AMHR Perlino Mare - 34" - SOLD
              Buckeroos Top Cat
      IMA Boones Little Buckeroo Too
              Dell Teras Buy Back
Boones BTU Mindy
              Little Hoofs Midget Mite   
        Kochs Mindy
              Kochs Little Jodi

​2008 AMHA AMHR Black Tobiano Mare - 33.25" - $2000
     - EeaaTOto
               NFCS Superman
      Mccarthys Aloha Silent Partner
               Mccarthys Kiss of Hershey
Bellissma Angela (AMHA)
Riverdrifts Silent Angel (AMHR)
               Timber Ridges Mighty Pee Wee  
        Timber Ridges Ruby Red Princess
                Daltons Princess

​2014 AMHA AMHR Black Overo Shetland Blend Mare - 34" - SOLD
​     - LWO+
              Sundance LB Raven
      SMO Adriano De Suerte
              Sundance LB Shes a Dream
Silver Birchs Aundrea
              D RS Hide Away My Key T
      Silver Birches My Key to Success
              Winsome Monarchs Luck be a Lady
2014 AMHA AMHR Sorrel Tobiano Miniature Mare - 33.75" - SOLD
              First Knights Dream Come True
      Aloha Acres Dreams Rowdy Bam Bam
              NFC Rowdys Velvet Touch
Riverdrifts Bam Bams Lady Pebbles
              Thousand Oaks Sirs Lancelot
       Thousand Oaks Lancelots Lady Rosa
              MSR Majestys Angelique
​AMHA AMHR Sorrel Tovero Miniature horse colt - SOLD
     - Selling on gelding contract.  Available with his dam or separate
​IALHA Black Half Andalusian Filly - $2500
        El Vaquiero
Vaquera Fiesta SEA
              Gone Premier (TB)
        Duchess Daisy
              Percheron x TB
              Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man
        JSW Magic on Fire
              JSW Zorros Van Lear Rose
Vintage Fire Ranger SEA
              Aloha Acres Dreams Rowdys Bam Bam
        Riverdrifts Bam Bams Lady Pebbles
              Thousand Oaks Lancelots Lady Rosa
​IALHA Bay Half Andalusian Colt - $2500
        El Vaquiero
Soldado Vaquero SEA
              Atilla (TBxIberian)
        Thea HPT
              Xarah SCF (Lusitano x Belgian)
​AMHA AMHR Silver Black Tobiano Miniature horse colt - SOLD
     - Selling on gelding contract, available with his dam or separate
​IALHA Buckskin Half Andalusian Filly - $3000
              Xadrez Do Pentagono
        Areli Xaureo
              Aurelia A
Midnight Hopscotch SEA
              Merlin 1
        Midnight Bacardi SEA
              Painted Daiquiri SEA
              Pecan Grove Customized Bolt
        Applecreeks Bolts Peppermint Twist
              Lucky Four Black Velvet Liten Brite
Rips Colonel SEA
              SMO Adriano de Suerte
        Silver Birchs Aundrea
              Silver Birchs My Key to Success
​IALHA Buckskin S/P Andalusian Colt - $6500
              Xadrez Do Pentagono
        Areli Xaureo
              Aurelia A
Merlin SEA
              Magicos Trovao
        Daenarys SEA
              Xadrez Do Pentagono
        Areli Xaureo
              Aurelia A
Dios del Sol SEA
        Albany SHF
              Xadrez Do Pentagono
        Areli Xaureo
              Aurelia A
Regla de la Terreno SEA
              Merlin 1
        Delirios Gaia SVF
              Delirio III

​IALHA Bay Half Andalusian Colt - $2500
​IALHA Bay S/P Andalusian Colt - $5500